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Our Workshop

We can provide extensive services and our main aim is to give a personal bespoke local shop experience.

We carry out any repairs that you may need on your bike from the ground up

New tyres or a tube replacement

We are happy to advise on a tyre that will fit your needs if you are struggling with a tyre that is maybe not quite right for you.

New wheels

A necessity in the case of a breakage or as an upgrade! Many new bikes come with a standard wheel set which is great at 1st but as you get faster then you’re wheels are the most worthwhile upgrade you can make. We can give you the best advice on what to go for to suit your riding style.

New transmission components

Chain, chainset, sprockets. The parts to keep you pushing on. We can advise on either replacement parts that are compatible with your current set up or an upgrade by any of the main transmission brands with Campagnolo a particular favourite.

Frame replacement

We can advise on an upgrade frame for you from one of our favourites or try to source something for you at your request this includes anything from an Audax frame right through to maybe a kids road frame to get the whole family involved.

Handlebar and stem

Many new bikes have a generic handlebar and stem set up, which can mean you are adjusting to the bike rather than it adjusting to you! We can advise you on maybe a shorter or longer stem or wider or narrower bars to help with any aches or pains you may be getting.

Saddle Replacement

A better saddle that is more specific to you or your style of riding is a must have especially for you lady riders. We can advise on a replacement saddle that will be better suited if you are clocking up the miles or popping down the shops!

We can provide any of the services above and more and as our main aim is to give a personal bespoke local shop experience.

If you contact us and let us know what you need or drop in and see us with your bike we can advise of costings for all the above work based on each individual job.

There will always be a warm welcome, and professional advice for all your workshop needs.

Our Workshop Prices

All prices are subject to change based on individual repair circumstances.

All prices include VAT.

Any other workshop repairs are quoted based on £40 per hour.

Services Cost
Standard Service (plus parts) £40
Full Stripdown Service / Bike Build (plus parts) £80
Tyre & Tube Cost
Fit Inner Tube (including tube) £12
Fit Tyre (plus tyre) £6
Brakes Cost
Standard Brake Service (Calliper, V-Brake & Mechanical) £15
Hydraulic Brake Service (Based on £40 per hour – plus sundries – availability of spares & tooling to be checked at time) Individual Quote
Gears Cost
Standard Gear Service (plus parts) £18
Di2 or more involved systems (plus parts) £30
Di2 Diagnostics / Firmware Updates (plus parts) Individual Quote
Wheels Cost
Wheel True & Tension (standard wheel) £15
Factory Wheel True & Tension (Mavic, ZIPP etc.) £20
Full Wheel Build (plus parts – standard wheel) £25
Factory Wheel Build (dependant on parts & tools) Individual Quote
Replacement Wheel Fitting (if wheels brought at Cycle Honiton) £6
Replacement Wheel Fitting (customers own) £15